December 19, 2008

[Charlie Nishinaka] PRISONER 9

And here's the 9th edition of Prisoner, as expected it's pretty much the same stuff so the warning from the last post applies here too.



Deleted files
Nice to know that some people are spending their holiday playing internet police, 2 of my RS files got reported so I'm in the process of the links, hopefully that will keep them safe. RS wouldn't let me re-upload the files unless I changed the content so just ignore the yaoi in the RS of iroiro 8 and youth sneak attack

I've updated all the links now, it's well over 100 links so I might have messed up somewhere. If you find any weird links let me know.


  1. RS just uses a MD5 hash to identify banned uploads, so in the event you have to resend other files it's enough to recreate the ZIP/RAR archive with a different compression level, or to change a single character in the root directory name; personally I replace a space with a non-breaking one (Alt+0160 on Windows) so even visually nothing changes...

  2. Ah, and thanks for your translations; I only comment when I have something other than "thank you" to say, but they're very appreciated.

  3. Oh I see, I tried changing a " " with a "_" in the zip itself but that didn't work. It's only 2 files affected so far anyway but I'll remember that in the future.


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