July 4, 2009

[Distance] Ochiru Tenshi Ch.06

Oh, look, a new chapter of Ochiru Tenshi, it's just been 2 ½ months since the last time.
Hopefully the last two chapters will be done before this year is!

Like the previous chapters, edited by Kaya.

RS | MF | FU


For some reason, this particular manga seems to have been targeted for deletion.
All the links for the old chapters work now, get them from the Books page,
since I don't update individual posts!
You can also try Kaya's mirrors, and I've also uploaded them on Fakku now,
so you can get them here as well.


  1. Thanks a lot for this one. I haven't read it yet, but knowing distance, I wanted to get at least a full volume before reading. I also hope that the other 2 chapters will be finished fast, but then again nobody can blame you.

  2. It seems there's a lot of these body swap stories these days...they're all kinda the same, though.

  3. waiting for the next release

  4. Distance really likes the body swap theme. Not that I am *complaining* mind you. It is one of those impossible fantasies; what would it be like to be a girl? Not that you are gay or anything. More like you are a spy wanting to see how the other side really operates. :-)

  5. Do you happen to have Vol. 3 (not chapter 3)? Raw, scanned, any quality at all? I can't find it anywhere.

  6. Just to let you know, on 4chan posted the "Maid Bride" tankoubon (http://www.mediafire.com/?hnzxzgy1nm0); the story doesn't end with the first 4 chapter that you translated some time ago. Do you intend to continue the translation?

  7. thanks for the chapter

    Is this series still ongoing?

  8. @ marco1701
    I'll do chapter 5, and maybe reedit the older chapters.

    @ Agito & Zenza
    There isn't a volume 3, there's just a few magazine chapters. See the comments for older releases for download links. The story is dropped/put on a hiatus.

  9. Sweet!!!Maid Bride was great. Will be looking forward for chapter 5

  10. FYI - Just download chapters 1 thru 6, and I keep getting an error message that Ochiru_Tenshi-084.jpg fails crc, broken, for Chapter 03. This happened using the Mediafire link on your web site under Books, and Fakku, but the Rapidshare link from your extracts without errors.

  11. Oh yeah! I realized that the Rapidshare link under Books didn't point to the same folder as the Fakku link, so I tried the one from Fakku, and that one downloaded fine. No clue as to why the Mediafire downloads are having a problem with Chapter 03.


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