June 8, 2009

[Bosshi] Ojousama wa H ga Osuki Ch.10

Damn, sure been Bosshi lately. One of my favorite chapters from the book,
as the subtitle says: "Pure Tale of a Big Breasted Office Lady".

The next chapter is just 10 pages, and the one after that is the final one, so if you think anything should be changed in the final version, now could be a good time to bring that to my attention.
Edit: Chapter 1-3, 5 is being proofread at the moment. You don't have to point out typos and grammatical errors in those.
Chapter 4 is not in any way related to me, and thus, I don't have the photoshop files.
If you find a major error in it, I could fix it, but you'll have to live with smaller ones.


hgaosuki_145 fro


  1. Well, since you're asking... Here are the typos I've found, don't know if they've been reported previously:

    page 9: permition > permission
    11,20,21: underwears > underwear
    34: Tamaki haven't > Tamaki hasn't
    34: elixit > elixir
    34 fathers > father's
    63: lets get along > let's get along
    67: what's this sutation > what's this situation
    81: it's syndrome, even if the author himself misspelled it
    152: naughy > naughty
    159: that side of Nozomu-san > that side of Nozomi-san

    Apart from those, there's just some misplaced/missing commas in the earlier chapters, but since punctuation is mostly a matter of personal preference I won't mention the specific instances.

    As always, thanks for your hard work, it's very appreciated.

  2. Actually, I'm having the previous chapters proofread right now, so those kind of things will hopefully be taken care of. One thing I do mess up a lot is names for some reason, so if you find any more inconsistent name, be sure to point them out.

  3. Thanks a lot for another good translation. We are almost done with this book.


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