April 7, 2009

Updates, Proof-readers

[Takla Mahiro] Taklamakan Zoo, Some people at e-hentai picked up the book, unless they're really slow they will probably be done with it before I get the chance to start on it so go there for releases. There's a torrent for chapter 1 so far here: Thread | Gallery

Slave heroine Vol.09 is scanned thanks to Sayo (DL link), so I now have the previously missing chapter 5 of Ma ga Ochiru Yoru.

Ochiru Tenshi chapter 05 is translated and sent to Kaya.

I think I got all the releases gathered now for the torrent so expect it later on today/ tomorrow unless something happens.
Update: Torrent is up!

I'm also looking for proof-readers. If you have a good eye for spotting grammatical errors, typos, inconsistencies and awkward sentences (and give a good alternative) send me an e-mail (yqii.tl [at] gmail.com). I'll release something every ~2 days but I will try to get 2 proof-readers to begin with, so you'll have to be able to do it every 2-5 days. Naturally you'll have to be able to stomach loli and futa since I do that every now and then, as well as yuri once a blue moon.
Update: Thanks for all the replys, I like how most people who replied had some sort of academic degree to show off, God bless the internet. I've got enought resonses for now, but thanks again to everyone that showed interest.

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