March 27, 2009

[Soukai Kuroarama] Usagi Drops FULL!

Finally got chapter 1 and thus the whole book completed. I didn't re-edit anything, it's basically the two old chapters put together with the book-version, +extra pages from the old one-chapter books. See the txt for full explanation.
Also translating the first chapter made me feel bad, poor Usagi-chan :<




  1. Any chance you might do the Usagi Milk part too? Love to see what the text on those pages says...

  2. Any chance you'll compile the entire book into one volume and release that in a single folder?

  3. loliloliloli: it is based on "Usagi Drop", a manga about a guy who ends up getting a younger girl come live with him because his grandfather had an illegitimate child that no one else wants to acknowledge. The manga is rather slow paced, with the guy learning how to be "more responsible now that he has someone else to care about."

    Usagi Drops is the hentai version of that story.

  4. @ Anon
    No I don't think I will.
    @ surveyor
    This is the entire book, in the main folder. The other folders are extra pages from the books that wasn't included in this book, see the txt file.
    @ Zathael
    I don't really know anything about "Usagi Drop" (besides that it exists), but the characters are from the game "Gotcha Force"

  5. Sorry, my bad. I am not that familiar with either of the two works, so I was just going by what a quick google search for "Usagi drop" found.

  6. ....maybe I send you like five buxx for the Usagi Milk parts? It would make Anon very happy. :D

  7. sad?
    I think of it as a transition part, since there's another doujin which I think is the continuation of this. Where usagi finally get to have some action with kakeru.

    Now, that one's sad (at least in my opinion)

  8. the sadness is in that he doesn't wanna do the usagi milk part... :|


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