March 11, 2009

[Bosshi] Ojousama wa H ga Osuki Ch.02

Delicious plump Ojousama butt. This is the first story with Tamaki and Tatsuya, pretty d'aaaw-worthy and there's a decent amount of awesome color pages at the beginning.
The next chapter is just 10 pages, and that's the final (untranslated) chapter of the Ojousama series, since 1, 4-5 is already translated. But there's still 7 more chapters from this book to come after that!




  1. Bosshi is too good. Gotta love these princesses :P

  2. Thanks a lot for this, but I was wandering if you are planning on completing the whole book. Thanks

  3. Not to sound like a tool or anything, but isn't the page order a bit screwed up?

  4. They want colored pages at the beginning of a chapter, but you want the colored pages to involve some sex scene rather than story. That's why the first sex scene is the first pages, then the beginning of the story up until the actual scene, and then whatever happens after than scene.
    If you see one or several small, empty panels in a corner of a manga (like on page 17 and 22), it means a jump in the time line, kind of like "..."

    The story is altered to fit this format, like the first panel on page 17, and it wouldn't surprise me if the magazine version of this had a different text there as well as the "correct" order, given that there wasn't any colored pages to begin with.
    The actual time line is: 17-21, 11-16, 22-32.

  5. this is one great erotic hentai manga!!!


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