February 28, 2009

New page: Books

Short story: New page :O Lookie!
Long story: Click to read more. Update (28/2)

As you can see when you go to the new page, there's a lot of books I want to do. So far the only book I've really worked on while having this site is Pink Panzer, Kannazuki no Shimai was pretty much done before the blog and I've only done 2 chapters of Ochiru Tenshi Vol.01 so far. The site just wasn't hade for me to do big projects like a book.

I don't like having too many categories, and I didn't want to put 40 chapters on my to do list but I still wanted to be able to collect all the books on one place and be able to point out what I'm currently working on. This way the books are gathered, the chapters are listed in a functional way and I can add a short summary to each book. The Books/Series category will only contain series from now on.

28/2: Given unlimited time and that my mind does not change during that time I will complete all the books. The main reason to why I want to work on books is that I prefer a story over oneshots, but if I only work on one book I might loose interest and forget about it for several months (like with Pink Panzer). I intend to work on 2-3 books at the time, 1-2 chapters a week depending on the amount of oneshots I have that I want to work on. I want to complete all the books on the page, but this will take time. In case someone else translate it during that time or if I suddenely realize that one chapter is a scat-fest that I didn't know about, I will skip those.

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