February 16, 2009

[Distance] Ochiru Tenshi Ch.02

Second chapter, the mysterious boyfriend makes an appearance!
Should add that starting with this chapter this book will involve "guy in girl body having sex with other guys". With the "body swap" tag, who would've guessed?




  1. omg i just love distance <3
    thanks for the hard work :D

  2. >>guy in girl body having sex with other guys


  3. Thank you very much. I love distance.

  4. The pages 64 and 65 and the second half of page 63 are not translated.

  5. @ Conan
    I just realized, the lack of balls makes it safe, the self-denial continues!

    That's because there isn't anything worth translating, it's just a bunch SFX and a few "Ha" and "Ah".

  6. @Armburst
    There is page 66 still in japanese

    @ YQII
    I'm not complaining about the japanese pages, but i found your answer a bit strange, i mean, as far as here, you have always translated all the baloons in all the pages for all the releases, therefore i can't understand why for this one you didn't. Anyhow thank you for all the releases that you do for free. You're great!
    P.S. Since you say the moans aren't worth translating, it means that from now on they will not be translated?
    Excuse me if my english is bad but i'm non english. ^-^

  7. @ Ecchi
    Actually in my first translations I didn't translate moans at all, nowadays I tend do translate everything within bubbles. However unlike in most hentai, Distance decided to put sound effects (SFX) in bubbles, and I don't translate sex related SFX. I didn't do that in chapter 1 neither, see last panel on:

    I already talked with Kaya about SFX, if you want to know why I don't translate them here's what a wrote:
    "The problem with the SFX are that I can't think of good ways to translate most of the sex-related ones, and I rather keep them untranslated than putting "SPLORT", "GUSH", "SPLOFF" all over the pages. Translated they also lose a lot of their versatility, biku/bikun/piku/pikun are all "twitch" with different levels of intensity, granted this doesn't really matter unless you can read the SFX to begin with :D
    I could include the actual "words", but I don't think people would rather have "nyuruu", "meccha", "pyuu" than nothing. "

    I DO translate moans (in bubbles). Page 64 f.ex has like 25 bubbles, 5~ of them are moans, and since I don't do the editing I though I might as well just skip pages like that instead of giving descriptions like "12th bubble is a "nnu"" to Kaya.

    Anyway, in short:
    1. This wasn't me lashing out on you Ecchi, I just wanted to clarify as much as possible :)
    2. I don't translate sex related SFX.
    3. Worst case scenario you'll miss out on some "ah" and "nn" on pages like 64.

  8. Thank you for the time spent for the explanation. I just didn't like to see a manga not completely in english, anyhow i appreciated a lot that you wrote such an exhaustive answer to me. In the end all i want to say is that i wish you a good work for the future. ^-^

  9. Thanks a lot for Ochiru Tenshi :8

  10. Actually, this series gets a lot more confusing than just a simple "body swap". Technically, the guy is still "alive" within his own body, and yet he's in the girl's body. Which leads us to the question that DISTANCE has been teasing us with: where the hell is the girl?

  11. @mahouneko
    The girl is in the guy's body


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