February 4, 2009

[Akazawa Red] Pink Panzer Ch.07

Chapter 07
After a 2 months break I'm finally continuing the book I started in October.
Enjoy the final chapter with Yuyu and Nasu-kun, next week I'll get started on the second story of Pink Panzer!



Batch 1-7
Forgot the batch, Loli-Ane 1-6 + this chapter, note that this is not the whole book.



  1. what ever happened to making a batch download for pink panzer? just wondering

  2. Quoting the previous person: a batch download would really be appreciated.

  3. Something that popped up in my mind while reading the batch release.

    For "●" , ●●● are used mostly for certain kinds of censorship. For example Pepsi might not risk write "It's better than coca cola" on their site, but they could write "It's better than c●la co●a". Pepsi is a bad example for the subject, because they do trash coca cola openly :P

    Other censorship issues with this are things saying like ア●コ for, アンコ but that mostly is used for giving certain erotic, playful feeling / purpose rather than censorship.

    I supposed that this means that she either is borrowing the scale from other place (unlikely), or that the scale itself is so nasty that must be censored.


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