January 8, 2009

[Kirintei] Yandere Musume ga Hitobanjuu Fera Suru Hon

Here's Kirintei's second doujinshi from C75. It's only 12 pages but there's more deredere in here than in 12 regular manga combined.

The title is "Book about a Yandere Girl giving Fellatio All Night Long".




  1. What is lix.in? As far as I can tell it adds a frame which blocks you downloading the file, so you have to copy the link from the 'Sharing URL' on MediaFire (for example) and paste it into the browse, or it sits permanently on 'Processing Download request'

  2. It's not blocking you from downloading the file (propably problem is with yours network connection, browser etc.).On Firefox 3.0.5 everything works. It's my guess, by I think it prevent same search bots for reporting a file or something like that

  3. The only thing it "blocks" or rather hides is the actual URL of the site (http://rapidshare...etc), and as Mapokl said it's to prevent files from being reported/deleted.

  4. I thought a yandere girl was an obsessive girl with a really bad temper (like “call the police” bad).

  5. Well, (afaik) it's more like she's being loving and affective, and at one point she snaps and gets obsessed.
    The long-haired girl (can't remember her name, not Sekai) in School Days is a yandere as she snaps at the end, not as the carnage starts but as she gets obsessive. Going crazy ("call the police" crazy) is usually what happens when a yandere don't get to marry the ones she's after and live happily ever after, but I don't think that's whats make her yandere. For other examples see pretty much everything by Kirintei :D

    YQII, Ph.D. in Anime slang

  6. Yeah, Kotonoha was a perfect case of yandere. It's great to read in eromanga, but, you know, you wouldn't want one chasing you in real life...

    Thanks for the TL, YQII.


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