August 21, 2008

[Black Heart] Love of the Damaged

Something short I did because I just got my 10,000th rapidpoint, meaning I got my first free premium month. Since I've had this blog for about a month this is good news for me, like this I'll be able to maintain that free account.

You know how some manga leave you with a feel-good feeling? Well, this kind of leaves you with a feel-bad feeling... enjoy?



  1. I don't think it's so much "bad" as "uncomfortable" and "ambiguous".

    Am I wrong in thinking the Japanese have some sort of complex about scars?

  2. this made me dawwwww, am i weird?

  3. Is it normal to refer to a person as "kizumono"? In English, referring to a person as a “thing” certainly isn’t. Is it supposed to reflect the obvious complex she has about her disfigurement?

    Is that another wound, on her palm, in xo0808_0153.jpg?

    This doesn’t actually interest me much as a piece of pornography, but the narrative teasing it engages in does.

    I'd like to request that you separate individual pages in the future. Viewing these was a little awkward, at least with the programs I use.

  4. With the untouched, pure girl ideal you see especially in hentai, a scar doesn't really go well with that. Can't say for sure but at least I don't think it's considered cute to have a huge scar across your forehead.

    Mono doesn't necessary have to be a thing and a thing alone, it's all kind of things, in this case it's probably meant as a person. Very literally kizumono would be damaged thing, like a broken glass, but it could also be a disfigured person.

    I thought the same thing about the palm, but it doesn't look like a scar on other pages, like the next one. I think it's just meant to be the inside of her palm with some shadows.

    I think I will separate the pages in the future, since you loose some of the suspension before you flip a page, like when she reviels her scar in this. This was just something quick so I didn't think about it, but as I said I probably will do that it I do anything else with double pages.

  5. interesting story, that scar freaked me out at first (mostly the big forehead than then scar) yet i'm a sucker of romance sex so the end felt kinda right to me

  6. mmm, i guess it's fine.

    First I thought it's about Takenoko Seijin-like story or something like that. But I guess it's safe enough :)

    thx for releasing though :cherrs: :D


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