July 15, 2008

Pre-blog Translations.

Obligatory "Stuff I've done so far" post, starting with the most recent translations.

There's a preview of every translation at the end of the post.

[Ishikei] Insei IroIro 04 - Asa Kara Iro Iro &
Insei IroIro 05 - Korizu ni Iro Iro[ENG]

[Wanyanaguda] Kannazuki no Shimai Chapter 1-9 [ENG] (Futa)
Chapter 1-3: RS
Chapter 4-6: RS
Chapter 7-9: RS
Chapter 10-12: ...

There is 12 chapters in this book, and I just finished 7-9 a few days ago. I will do the final part eventually, but as I wrote on the credit page "I plan to do 2-3 short ones by other artists before i start of the last part".

Edit: Chapter 10-12 done!

[Nekomata Naomi] Naked Association [ENG] (Futa)

[Nekomata Naomi] Priceless [ENG] (Futa)

[Haru Wamusato] Oh! Imouto Ch. 1 [ENG]
RS | Whole book translated: Tadanohito (Need to register)

[Sameda Koban] Beastie Girls (4 pages) [ENG]
This is just a short "promo" for the bigger Beastie Girls book.

[ED] Erotic Book about a Genius, a Test tube, a Labcoat and  Blue Hair (Pani Poni Dash) [ENG]

[ED] Nia-hime’s Erotic Book  ~Just What is Ecchi~ (Gurren Lagann) [ENG]

I did not do the first pages of this, it's explained on the credit page.

[Soukai Kuroarama] Usagi Drops 3 (Gasha Force) [ENG] (Futa)

[Soukai Kuroarama] Usagi Drops 2 (Gasha Force) [ENG] (Futa)
Part 1 is no where to be found orz

[Katojun] Going to the Futa Bath!! [ENG] (Futa)


  1. Thanks for the IroIro translation. I miss part 3 and 6 do you know if part 3 has already been translated?

  2. There was a long discussion about this on /h/ when I posted this. Part 3 is translated, however it's the one labeled 2. Part 2 and 6 are the ones that have not been translated yet, and since I guess you was talking about part 2, no it has not been translated yet.

  3. For the Nekomata Naomi one, the title was in the index of the anthology: "裸のつきあい" (Naked association? Fellowship of the nude? ???)

  4. Thanks for the clarification.
    You mean Ofuro de Iroiro is part 2 not part 3? The one in the shower?

  5. JukanX,
    You're right, there actually is a title way back there. Thanks for pointing this out.

    Ofuro is translated, so no it's part 3. Sonogo mo Iroiro is the second part.

    その後もいろいろ (コミックメガストアH2006年1月号)モノクロ20p
    Sonogo 06/01
    お風呂でいろいろ (コミックメガストアH2006年4月号)カラー8p
    Ofuro 06/04

  6. Ah, you're the translator of those two Nekomataya chapters! Excellent work!

  7. Beastie Girls seems to be corrupt, fyi.


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