July 13, 2008

Recommendations/ To do


If you want to recommend something for me to translate, see the FAQ and either:
-Send me an e-mail to: yqii.tl[at]gmail.com
-Leave a comment here
Note: I'm really picky, I'll reply if I find something interesting, otherwise I wont.

To do

Things I'm planning to do eventually, note that there is no guarantee that I will actually do these. I'll also update whatever I'm currently working on here.

Dedicated series: (?)
[Amatarou] Nee-san to Boku (Hotmilk)
[Ishikei] Iroiro (Hotmilk)
[Kesson Shoujo] MANIACS (doujinshi)

[Fugo] Plum alamode White (translating)
[Inuboshi] Yuki-chan to Kotatsu (0ex vol.16)
[Keuma] Cbellta Noir Mellan
[Nekomata Naomi] Hokenshitsu no Yakusoku (Futanarikko Lovers Vol.10)
[Onija Tarou] White Drink (Shoujo Kakumei Keikaku Ch.03
[Rougan] Ma ga Ochiru Yoru - Demonic Imitator 3 - 8 (Slave Heroines)
[Shiawase Kanmiryou] Aru Mikan 3 (translating)

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