July 13, 2008


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Q: Do you do regular manga/novels/anime/ect ?
A: No, I only translate hentai in manga form.

Q: Do you do commissions (requests for money)?
A: No.

Q: Do you take recommendations?
A: Yes, feel free to recommend anything you want translated. Be aware though that I probably wont do it unless it is "my kind" of hentai.

Q: What's "your kind" of hentai?
A: Above all the art has to be clean/cute. I'm not a big fan of "realistic" character design, I grew up with Slut Girl and like it as much as anyone else, but I would never translate something with art like that. Cute, funny stories are always preferred, your best shot would be to compare it to my older releases.

Q: What kind of hentai do you do (content-wise)?
A: Mainly I do Regular (boy×girl), futanari and loli.
I wont do: gore/guro, yaoi (yuri is okay), scat (if it's very limited, maybe), borderline furry is okay (ex. Liru/ Horo/ *girls) but no bestiality. I won't do anything with old/fat/ugly men, accordingly I'm not a big fan of father-daughter incest/loli.

Q: So, how do I recommend something?
A: Leave a comment on the "Recommendations/ To do" page or send me an e-mail, yqii.tl[at]gmail.com.
The e-mail is better to use if you have anything more to say than "please translate this". If possible, please include Artist and/or Circle name, Title and a link (RS is preferable) so I can get my hands on it.

Q: You do the translation, I do the edit?
A: Sure, if you have some experience. Refer to a blog/site or some edits you've done in the past and send me an e-mail. Note that this doesn't mean I will do everything as long as you do the edit, content-wise it's the same rules as always.

Q: How would this work?
A: I send you a txt-file with the script. All I ask of you is that we release it on the same day (if you want to post it somewhere), and that you include my site somewhere on the actual pages like this (and not only in a readme-file or a credit page), it's up to you whether you want to put your name anywhere. Send me the edited version once you're done, and I'll have a final look at it before we release it.
Any other questions/conditions should be made through the e-mail.


Q: Can I recommend a book?
A: Yes, do it the same way as all requests.

Q: Are you going to finish all the books?
A: "Yes", see the update in this post.

Q: When is chapter X of Y coming out?
A: When it's done. The only indication is that if a chapter is tagged as (translating), it should be out within a week. I'll do whatever I feel like at the moment so there's no priority given to one books at the time.

Dedicated series

Q: What are these?
A: Series that I like and that are still going on, meaning I will do any new chapter to the series.

Q: How does the dedicated series work?
A: Basically, when a new chapter (that's not translated) is released, I'll translate it as soon as possible (~1-3 days). The series are listed on the To do page, if you find a new chapter, feel free to let me know.

Q: Can I recommend a dedicated series?
A: No. You can recommend a series that is still getting new chapters, if I like it it will become a dedicated series.

Translations/ Other Top

Q: I got a hentai site, want to exchange links?
A: I link to sites I use frequently (daily), that mean if you're a translator/editor you have to update frequently, and if you have some other site you need to have some function or system that I find useful and worth sharing to the visitors of my site. If you're running a site that reposts things that can be found on other places (i.e. the actual source), I'm not interested.
However, if you're going to repost my translation on such a site, I would appreciate if you credited me in some way, preferably linking to my site in that update. If you're using my translation to translate into another language I would also appreciate some kind of credit.

Q: I found a typo!
A: If it's a oneshot there's little to no point to point it out. If it's part of a series or a book that will get a batch later on you could do so (in any way) and I'll change my files, and the upcoming batch will have that fixed.
If it's a major typo (or mistranslation), or a re-occurring one you can point this out anyway.

Q: Why are you using lix.in links?
A: Since late 2008, someone/thing has been reporting hentai files on file hosting sites, resulting in the files being deleted. Hidden URLs protects you from this. Just click the "continue to ..." text to get to the download.

Q: So the links are hidden? Better re-upload them myself when I'm sharing then...
A: You can still see/share my links here, the hidden links just screws with bots.

Q: The download links for file X doesn't work!
A: If you see one of these messages it's deleted, otherwise it's probably a problem at the file hosting site, try again or wait a bit. If it is deleted/reported let me know and I'll update the links. I only update the Finished Projects and Books page (unless it's a pretty new release), not the individual posts!

Q: You've labeled this as Artist A, but I think it's Artist B!
A: In 9 out of 10 cases, you think of the circle, in the remaining 1/10 I do. I (almost) always tag my works with the artist name, even those better known for their circle name, for example: Bosshi (Askray), Ishikei (NiseMIDIdoronokai), Charlie Nishinaka (Einsatz Gruppe), Onizuki Aruchu (Udon-ya). Try this page if you're wondering.

Q: Why are you translating several manga at the same time?
A: When I save the first psd file, I tag the manga as "translating". 90% of the work I can do in my sleep and I do that whenever I feel like working, when I want to release something I pick one of these up and finish them off. The last 10% can be tricky (translation- or edit wise) so if I'm too tired to do that I start on a new manga and do the easy stuff while watching TV.

Q: What does the (TL done) tag mean?
A: The script is done and sent to someone else who is going to do the editing. Only used if I'm not the editor.

Q: You rock! What can I do to support you?
A: You can do four things to show gratitude:
1. Contact me: Easiest done by a comment, always fun for me to read peoples reactions and thoughts about my translations.
2. Use my links: So I can keep track of how many people that actually download my translations. Instead of re-uploading it, use my RS/MF links or refer to my blog.
3. Use the RS mirror: The only thing that I profit from. For every 10,000th* downloads I get a free premium RS account for 1 month, basically every time you use my RS mirror, I get 0.07 cent! If you can please use it.
*There's conditions, so there's actually a lot more. For example after 15,650 downloads I have 11,240 points that I can use.
4. Don't report my links: Seriously, why would you do that?