July 13, 2008


All full books I'm translating/-ed, finished ones at the bottom of the page. I replace all the chapter links with one batch whenever I do one. If you want a single chapter, search the site with the title of the book, or get it from the Finished Projects page.
Comments: Keep them related to the books on this page, comments regarding sequels or similar books are fine. If you want to recommend a book for translation do that the old fashioned way: comment on the Recommendation page or by e-mail.
Ongoing Projects | Complete Books | Finished Books

Ongoing Projects
Books I'm translating now/ will be translating in a near future.

[Kizuki Aruchu] Maid Bride [link]

Chapter 1-5 is the "Maid Bride" series, followed by 5 standalone chapters with a short bonus chapter to each of them. The first 5 chapters was translated by me a long time ago, but I'll redo them with the tankoubon scans. Until I catch up, chapter 5 and the magazine versions can be found here.
Chapter 01:
Chapter 15:

[Maybe] Mankai Otome [link]

Various stories. Released 2008-09-25. Edited by Conan (once Cheerism is done).
Chapter 01:
Chapter 04: redCoMet
Chapter 05: Kusanagi | RS
Chapter 06: ? (RS)
Chapter 07: Sling
Chapter 11:

[Dr.P] Whenever You Touch Me [link]

High school romance/comedy hentai, without the harem. There's five girls with two chapters each (+one extra for Fumi at the end), and the characters makes appearances in the each others stories, a good but sadly rarely used concept.
Chapter 01: RS | MU | FU
Chapter 11:

[ED] Cheerism [link]

Finishing the book together with Conan. Half of the chapters are already translated,
get them from the source below.
Chapter 01: Conan
Chapter 02: Conan
Chapter 03: RS | MF
Chapter 04: FAKKU/Conan
Chapter 05: Conan
Chapter 06: Sling (RS)
Chapter 7-8: RS | MF
Chapter 09: (translating)
Chapter 10:

[Charlie Nishinaka] Choice Vol.01 - 02 [link]
choice-000 000a-vol2

Only the first 3 chapters of Vol.01! Rather than the tankoubon, I'm going to translate the "Narikiri" story. Vol.01 contains chapter 1-3 and Vol.02 chaper 4-11. There will be a Vol.03. It's "worksafe" like Cheers! (example), and there isn't really a progressing story, but who cares!
Volume 01:
Chapter 01: RS | MF
Chapter 02: RS | MF
Chapter 03: RS | MF
Rest of the book: RS (RAW)
Volume 02:
Chapter 01: RS | MF
Chapter 02: RS | MF | FU
Chapter 03: RS | MU
Chapter 04:
Chapter 08:

[Distance] Ochiru Tenshi Vol.01 [link]

Boy in girls body theme, people that are uncertain about their sexualities might want to avoid it. The story just flows on throughout the book, so there isn't really any chapters. I just picked points that was appropriate, and it just happened to become 8.
Edited by Kaya.
Chapter 01: RS | MF
Chapter 02: RS | MF
Chapter 03: RS | MU
Chapter 04: RS | MF
Chapter 05: RS | MF | MU
Chapter 06: RS | MF | FU
Chapter 07: (tl done)
Chapter 08:

Complete Books
Projects that are completed.

[Bosshi] Ojousama wa H ga Osuki (Complete) [link]
boshi0001 hgaosuki_400ac

A whole bunch of stories by Bosshi, First five chapters are the story with the same title as the book, "Ojou-sama wa H ga Osuki".
Chapter 04 was translated by Yendi, and later on reedited by Anon.
“Ojousama wa Mizugi ga Osuki”, is a bonus book containing chapter 03 and 04 but with Reira and Tamaki wearing swimsuits.
Main book:
Chapter 1-12: RS | MU | FU
Bonus book:
Chapter 1-2: RS | MU | FU

[Ayato Sasakura] Tyrant Punish (Complete) [link]

Loli from the author that is in some way or another related to the manga adoption of Shakugan no Shana (Wikipedia). As you would expect there's a lot of tsuntsun and dominant lolis! The chapters are unrelated. Chapter 1-3 was translated by hf-loli.
Chapter 1-10: RS | MF

[Akazawa Red] Pink Panzer (Complete) [link]

Biggest focus on submissive males and dominant loli-ish girls (there's some tits though!). First story is "Loli-Ane" with the classic childhood-friend-coming-back-harem theme, 6 chapters + 1 sidestory. The rest of the book is the "Absolute Girl-ism" story about a rich girl and her boy-toy.
Chapter 1-10: RS | MF

[Wanyanaguda] Kannazuki no Shimai (Complete) [link]

One of my first translations, mad scientists, futanari and Wanyanaguda,
can't go wrong with that!
Chapter 1-12: RS | MF

Finished Books
Books I only finished, meaning I did a few chapters to complete the book,
and it never really was a project.

[Inuboshi] Ojousama no Himitsu (Complete) [link]

I translated chapter 06 and 09.
Chapter 1-9 RS | MF

[Amatarou] Daisy (Complete) [link]

Contains the first 4 chapters of the "Nee-san to Boku" series. I translated chapter 1, 4, 8 and 10.
Chapter 1-10 RS | MF

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