July 13, 2008


About me

I do the translation and the editing on my own.
I mainly translate regular hentai, futanari and loli.
E-mail: yqii.tl[at]gmail.com

I started translating early 2008 and did about 10 translations before I created this blog, back then I only posted my translations on 4chan. I still post on 4chan (- loli obviously) and I'm a pretty frequent lurker on /h/.

I try to do at least 1 story/ week, by that I mean a chapter or a short standalone story (16-30~ pages).

About my translations

I don't translate:

  • Honorifics ("-san" instead of "Mr.")

  • Nii/Nee ("onii-chan" instead of "bro")

  • Hard to/ sounds stupid translated words ("sukeban" instead of "leader of a group of delinquent girls")

  • A few words out of personal preference (paizuri, lolicon)

I don't edit:

  • Styled sex moans

  • Sex related SFX

I translate "normal" styled moans, see example.
Sex related SFX are too hard to translate without resorting to "SPLORT" "SPLOFF", I do translate most other SFX's, like "stare".

Regarding awkward formulations

In a way you can say Japanese sentences are built up backwards. This is troublesome when you have one sentence in several speech bubbles, for example "I love you" is often split up like this. In Japanese you'd get "I you love", and you often see this as "I..." "you..." and with the "love" left out. I try not to alter the layout of the dialog too much, not at all if possible. Because of this the "backwards" sentences turns out a bit awkward sometimes. The bottom line is that I want to keep it as "Japanese" as possible. So no, I did not run the script through babel fish, it's just the way I prefer it to be, even if that means that there will be some awkward parts.
If you've gotten this far, feel free to point out how I could improve my translations.